Monitoring Employees With Personal Tracking Devices

It is common knowledge that field employees have a certain level of freedom and some are known to take advantage of working outside the office. Before the modern age, there was almost no way the employers could do to check upon their field agents and this caused a wide range of problems from overtime fraud to slacking on the job. 


With the rise of GPS technology, employers have unprecedented access to information regarding their employees. Precise location, route history and time tracking were only a few of the key features that were not available before. However, there is a fine line that employers need to watch out and that is to remain within legal boundaries while tracking the movements of their workforce. There are many cases in recent history about employers who used tracking systems to spy on their employees while they are off the clock which resulted in lawsuits and complaints. Seeking legal advice before implementing the GPS tracking system and learning about the limitations is vital.


Once established, employers will have access to a tremendous amount of information about their workforce that can be used for the company's benefit. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of monitoring your workforce with GPS:



Improved Productivity:


Employees will adjust their behaviour and comply with the rules when they know you can track every move. You can oversee how long each job is taking, how much time they spend on each location with the help of data provided by the GPS tracking software. Field managers can step in and issue warnings for lazy field agents or direct them to nearby customers who are in need of assistance. With less idle and more responsible employees, the overall productivity will increase. There is also the added bonus of lower insurance premiums. 




Cloud-based tracking software records and stores every movement of the field workers while they are on the job. Information such as when they arrive and get off from work or arrival and departure times to the job sites. With this data, employers can eliminate the false overtime and gas claims and reduce fraud significantly. With irrefutable evidence in your hands, your employees will have no chance but to comply. This will result in increased efficiency as well because field agents will compete with other employees for bonuses and overtime. 




Keeping track of every single employee and their activities in the field was a tedious task and there was a lot of room for error without definitive information. One of the most useful aspects of having a GPS tracker on your employees is the reduction in paperwork and logging their activities. It used to be a nightmare to identify and store all the information about employee trips on job sites but personal tracking systems generate and store all the necessary information on the GPS servers automatically. 


All these features combined with superior visibility, improved dispatch and increased customer satisfaction will increase the profit of your business considerably. All you need to do to enjoy these major improvements and benefits is to invest in a GPS tracking system.